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Medicaid Applications

Medicaid Planning

Are you or your loved one looking to inquire about Medicaid but don’t know where to begin? Have you tried every which way to apply on your own but kept hitting stumbling blocks? Have you been mislead in the past on how to go about it?

These are all common scenarios that our clients have gone through before coming to Hopeton Care.

Here at Hopeton Care, we can help you forget about those frustrating days. From the moment you begin talking to one of our professional representatives, you will feel the burden being lifted off your shoulders. You’ll be surprised how much Hopeton Care can assist you and your family at a real affordable rate.

During the initial phone call, a Hopeton Care representative will give you a brief description about what is involved in getting the process started as well as scheduling your consultation.

At the time of the consultation, we will sit with you and go through the entire application process and answer any and all questions you might have. We will review all the documentation provided and determine whether there are any further steps involved in making you or your loved one eligible for Medicaid. If you have resources that exceed the Medicaid allowable we will advise you and guide you on exactly what has to be done in order to get approved for Medicaid while protecting your assets. If your monthly income exceeds the Medicaid allowable we will offer to enroll you in the Surplus program * or the Pooled Income Trust program* which will entitle you to receive Medicaid even though you’re over the monthly income limit.

Surplus Program

The surplus/spend down program is a program that allows you to pay your excess amount of income to Medicaid each month, leaving you with the Medicaid allowable, and therefore making you eligible for Medicaid.

Pooled Income Trust Program

A pooled Income Trust is an indirect but legal method for a person to be eligible for Medicaid without having to pay Medicaid their surplus which is caused by excess income. Having a Pooled Income Trust will enable you to safeguard your money as opposed to losing it to Medicaid each month. Instead of paying the surplus to keep your Medicaid active you will be able to deposit the money into the trust account every month, and the trust organization will then go ahead and utilize your money by paying your monthly bills with it.

Medicare Savings Program

How would it feel to receive an extra $99.90 in your Social Security check every month? Well, good news, at Hopeton Care we can help you achieve just that!

There is a Medicaid program that we offer as one of our services called the Medicare Savings Program (MSP). By enrolling your loved one in MSP, the monthly Medicare part B premium which is deducted from their Social Security check every month will be paid for by Medicaid. Therefore, their monthly Social Security payments will increase by $99.90 (2012 standard premium). Just think of it as free money! Additionally, in the event that your loved one is in the need of a rehab/nursing home, MSP will cover the skilled nursing facility coinsurance for days 21-100, which can cost approximately $50 per day.


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